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Ceylon Servers is a brand exposing under the name Ceylon Systems which is a Web and Software development company in Sri Lanka with a great reputation since 2014. Ceylon Systems provided various hosting solutions since it’s beginning for their clients and they launched Ceylon Servers to reach more customers who are in need of hosting services with a separate hosting brand name.

We have several servers from different hosting providers who are already at the top of the industry. 

Our servers are located in the US, Germany, and Singapore.
Your account will be from one of these origins, you can check it specifically with your account’s IP address. Currently, we don’t provide you the opportunity to select a location, and it will be offered according to their resource load.

Ceylon Servers is a service powered by the company Ceylon Systems. It has a reputed history since 2014 in the web development and hosting industry with good feedback from 30+ international clients. Good point is that the most of the clients are tend to hire Ceylon Systems for long time projects with the time.

Our servers are in the world’s top data centers which provides 99.99% up-time guarantee.

Yes, we keep off-site daily and weekly backups. The backup storage source is Amazon.

Yes, we can provide you a custom plan for your requirement. Just contact us using our Live chat or a support ticket. 

You can easily pay invoices online with PayHere integration.
Also, if you prefer offline payments, you can deposit to our bank accounts.

Our every server (if not marked as no backups) are already protected with a RAID 1 software system. With that in mind, your data is safe even in a hard drive failure. But it’s your responsibility also to keep your important data backed-up on your end as well.

If in any case of rare tragic failure, we will be restoring your accounts manually by using our off-site backup sources. For this manual process, the company may take some time, between a few hours to a few days.

About Ceylon Servers

Ceylon Servers is a web hosting and domain provider since 2014. We already have a satisfied customer base in our partnership. The service is trusted as it’s operating under a well-rated software development company Ceylon Systems.

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